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TDG-SMD Manpower Business Unit

We enable Filipino talent to achieve their full potential through our innovative approaches to recruitment, training, and deployment. We connect Filipino talents to the world of work, paving the path for a bright future and contributing to the growth of the Philippine economy. We are proud to be a part of the Transnational Diversified Group's Ship Management and Manpower Division (SMD), which enables us to leverage its expertise and industry knowledge in providing integrated workforce solutions that equip Filipino talents with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to succeed locally and globally.

Within the Manpower Unit are four companies that specialize in different aspects of recruitment, training, and deployment. Each company plays a crucial role in our mission to provide top-notch workforce solutions:

TDG Human Resource Management, Inc. (THRM)

Established in 2016, THRM focuses on overseas recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers. THRM is a one-stop shop recruitment company from recruitment, language and skills training, medical health check, visa assistance flight bookings, deployment, tracking and monitoring, and reintegration.

Transnational Uyeno Safety Academy Inc. (TUSA)

TUSA is committed to improving the knowledge, skills, and mindset of Filipinos on safety through quality training and assessment. Since 2018, TUSA is an accredited Technical-Vocational Institution (TVI) and Assessment Center for Driving NC III for Articulated Trucks and Straight Truck/Passenger Bus and an Assessment Center for NC II - Forklift Operations. It is also a Safety Training Organization (STO), duly accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), an attached agency under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

End-to-End Reliable Human Resources Solutions, Inc.(E2R)

Since its inception in 2019, E2R has been actively involved in local job contracting and handles shared services functions for the Manpower Unit. It is duly registered and certified by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on 18 January 2019 with Registry Number: 021A20-010-N.

TDG-SG Global Care Academy Inc.(TSGA)

With its establishment in 2018, TSGA has become a premier institute providing affordable and high-quality Japanese language training and care-related programs.



We find the best ways, systems and processes to achieve total quality and superior results. Our passion for Excellence compels us to continuously seek better and smarter ways of doing things.


Our TDG Community enables us to achieve excellence beyond individual efforts. It is through alignment of purpose, accountability, mutual respect and trust that we build a strong community. We achieve greater results through Teamwork, Diversity and Synergy.


We have a genuine concern for the common good of all stakeholders (Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Partners and Community). TDG's drive for excellence and sustainable growth is anchored on every TDGer's strong sense of responsibility, "malasakit", and leadership. As responsible citizens, we care for our community and seek to preserve the environment.


We seek mutual benefit, using a “win-win” approach in everything we do. We provide an environment where employees have the opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential. Fairness is TDG's foundation for building strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders.


We honor our commitments, strongly uphold our values and hold ourselves accountable. Our partnerships are governed by transparency and openness. Our integrity inspires trust, which is the cornerstone of our strong and lasting partnerships. It is the foundation of credible leadership throughout the organization.