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Safety Training and Skills Assessment

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TRANSNATIONAL UYENO SAFETY ACADEMY (TUSA) is a strategic business partner in safety through cost effective and customized safety solutions, helping organization achieve operational proficiency, sustainable growth, and profitability.

TUSA combines the technical knowledge and extensive experience of TDG and Uyeno Yuso in logistics, transport management, and talent development.

TUSA's purpose is to improve employees' safety mindset and performance through competency-based training and assessment and professionally structured safety programs.

TUSA is a TESDA-recognized Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET) and Assessment Center for Driving NC III for Articulated Vehicles, Straight Trucks, and Passenger Buses. It also assesses NC II Forklift Operations proficiency. It is also accredited by the Department of Labor and Employment to provide government-mandated occupational safety and health training.


TUSA is a joint venture company between two global and progressive business conglomerates: Uyeno Group of Japan and the Philippine-based Transnational Diversified Group (TDG).

TDG is a globally competitive and progressive business group of companies engaged in leading industries. Since 1976, TDG has grown into a strong Asia-based business group of more than 30 dynamic member companies which are major players in diverse industries such as Logistics, Ship Management, Travel and Lifestyle Services, Information, and Communications Technology, as well as Securities Trading, Real Estate Development, Renewable Energy, and others. TDG currently employs around 18,000 personnel (both land-based and sea-based) worldwide.

Established in 1869, the Uyeno Group is Japan's second largest domestic petroleum logistics company and the only company that offers end-toend solutions for the petrochemical industry. In 2003, it has established it's own driving education facility Uyeno Safety Academy (USA) to strengthen its competitive advantage as a high quality, safe and stable transport service provide.


The leading provider of safety solutions in the Philippines that meets global and national safety standards.


We are committed to providing high quality safety solutions based on global safety standards and industry best practices.

We developed competent, principle-centered, and safety-conscious professionals through competency-based instruction and assestment.

We strongly advocate safety towards protection of human life and preservation of the environement.


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